First Blog: Starting with a Stick of Deodorant


In terms of satisfaction; finishing a stick of deodorant is almost as good as finishing a book. Follow me on the worst first blog ever.

And I didn’t say finishing deodorant was as good as finishing an excellent book. Maybe you just finished, The Swiss Spy, a story about a not so great spy that comes close to trying to do the right thing a few times with disastrous consequences for innocent people in terrible circumstances in World War 2 era Europe. The protagonist is ultimately drugged and thrown into a lake.

The book was satisfying in the way that you get to throw the book a few feet away and start planning on that next book. The hope and optimism of finding a delightful read are similar to finding that next great deodorant because let’s face it.

No one is ever completely sold on their deodorant. And there is an overabundance of deodorant brands and scents to choose from, why nail yourself down to just one flavor? Abstinence should never apply to how delightful your underarm smells.


BTW, don’t ever trust a strictly Speed Stick Musk man.

Anyway, I thought I had found my deodorant match when I discovered Axe’s Oud Wood and Dark Vanilla (in the white container) at my local Rite Aid. It was pleasant, and my wife didn’t hate it. So when I finally needed to buy more, I was a bit disappointed to see it on clearance, “that cannot be good,” I thought. This being the closest I have ever come to finding my soul-scent and here it was languishing on clearance. So I bought the three remaining sticks.

Old Spice has some great offerings. I went through an Old Spice phase early last year while reading all of the Harry Potter books.And then the five Lisbeth Salander books, Wolves Eat Dogs. And then finally World War Z, and Neil Gaiman’s Norse Mythology. It felt like a prosperous time.

Now I’m half-trudging through Artemis, a book where I enjoy the in-betweens of the story. The technological world of life on the moon. Yet, the book is hosted by a somewhat annoying main-character. IE: you are not going to feel bad if she got sucked out into space and ended the whole ordeal with 50 blank pages that conclude the story.

And for the love of God, I bought Speed Stick musk on sale… It was two for one so a great deal. Unfortunately, I’m a Speed Stick musk man on the moon with an annoying protagonist for the foreseeable future.

I have an Old Spice lavender number on deck, a “manly lavender” apparently. And the Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay is my next read.

Soooooo, hello, my name is Ray. I’m a deodorant vagabond who likes pizza and is out for the next good book and occasionally vice versa.

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